Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Mark's Bike Universe -

...from 125 cc two stroke to 500 cc SV JAP. All you need is fun! Mark sent his photos to me with some words:

"hi . your have to send a link to your blog site . thanks i send you some my pics .  the yellow bike is a 500cc jap engine the hole thing ive made myself 
 . dave my friend has got an 1912 indian  board racer which he let me measure . so i done a fall size drawing of the bike . and started making .my wheels are 28" 2 1/2 . 
coker tyres expensive but they make the bike look good .  the only jobs are left is the oil ways and the painting which i do myself all yellow this one.......two pics of the rs 125 we have me riding at mallory park last year ....."

Well done Mark! 
Come over to Bielefeld or Darmstadt and let it burn!

all photos by Mark Loxley

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